How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

How To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

Everyone loves a good bargain and the chance to grab a trip away at rock bottom prices. However, it seems that finding cheap flights is now something of a fine art, especially if you’re looking to book last minute.

And, with so many myths surrounding flights and how best to book them, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a handy guide with some of our top tips for finding cheap last minute flights.

Sign up for alerts

One of the key ways to find cheap last minute deals is to constantly be on alert. Monitor different airlines, different destinations, and different timeframes to be the first to know about these cheap deals when they crop up.

One of the best methods for doing this is to sign up for alerts, such as Skyscanner’s price alerts, which will send you notifications when your chosen flights begin to change prices. You can set up multiple alerts, meaning you can keep all your options open and be ready to fly as soon as you grab that deal.

Cheap Last Minute Flights

Keep in touch with airlines

Another key way to find last minute deals is to sign up to airline newsletters and follow airlines on social media.

Whilst none of us are keen on receiving lots of spam emails or having a newsfeed full of irrelevant posts, the last minute deals offered by airlines will be advertised by themselves first before being found on comparison sites, so keeping in touch with various airlines lets you keep your finger on the pulse.

Use online sites

There are multiple sites out there that can help you to find cheap last minute flights, by allowing you to check multiple airlines and multiple destinations in one place. These are especially useful if you use sites designed for last minute travel.

Holiday Pirates is a useful site as its main purpose is to find last minute deals, although you will then have to book through multiple different sites and do a lot of legwork.

Alternatively, Globehunters has great relationships with multiple airlines and is one of the first to know about last minute deals, frequently advertising the best cheap last minute flights on their homepage. They’ll also do the legwork for you and it’s all ATOL protected, so it’s a great option for booking for flights.

Skyscanner is another useful tool for searching for cheap flights, as it allows you to compare the prices of multiple airlines and different destinations in one place, after which you can book your ticket with the relevant airline.

Be flexible

A key component to grabbing those last minute flights on the cheap is to be flexible in every aspect of your travel.

You need to be flexible on your destination, your travel dates, having stopovers, and even the airports that you fly between in order to get the cheapest deals.

When it comes to cheap and last minute holidays, you really can’t afford to be picky! It’s best to search for all destinations with no set time frame and without restricting it to direct flights to find the best deals.

Book single tickets

Booking single tickets instead of a return flight can sometimes work out cheaper, especially if you’re booking last minute. It allows you to fly with different airlines and from different airports for each leg, meaning you can take advantage of the varied deals that are offered by different flight providers.

You just need to be careful to make sure you give enough time for any stopovers and that your travel dates match up accordingly.

This post by Nomad Wallet has six precautions to take when booking different legs of the journey.

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