Three Words to Remember While Looking For a Holiday Flat in Berlin

Three Words to Remember While Looking For a Holiday Flat in Berlin

Europe is expensive, but who says you have to pay through the noose each time you go? Reduce your travel expense by doing away with desk clerks, porters, and concierges. In Berlin, Germany, the best way to make your money go the extra mile is by getting a holiday flat in Berlin.

A holiday flat may come furnished or unfurnished. Some call it a self-catering apartment because you tend to your own needs your own way. The best thing about a holiday flat in Berlin is living like a local and racking up expenses like one, too. One grave misconception about travel is that tourists naturally spend more money than locals. With a little planning, patience, and research, such need not be the case.

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After location, rent is the second thing to consider in looking for your holiday flat in Berlin. There are three German words that will come in handy when discussing money with your landlord. The first is Kaltmiete. Its most literal translation is “cold rent.” This is your rent, without utilities or side costs added.


The second word you need to remember is Warmmiete. Literally, it means warm rent. This is the price of keeping your holiday flat in Berlin comfortably warm. Warmiette includes heating, but not electricity and side costs. How is it possible to include heating but exclude electricity? Simple. Many apartments are still heated by coal. To get your Warmmiete, add roughly 10 to 15 percent to the base rent.


The third word to keep in mind is Betriebskosten. In English, this is operating cost. In Germany, this is referred to as side cost and includes taxes, refuse collection, and maintenance of shared space in the building.

To determine how much a holiday flat in Berlin would cost you, inclusive of utilities and other charges, simply add 30 to 40 percent to your base price.

Doing the Math

Kaltmiete, Warmmiete, Betriebskosten are three crucial words in an apartment hunter’s vocabulary. Knowledge of the three words will show you how a more expensive holiday flat in Berlin might actually be cheaper than a supposedly low-rent one. For example, Apartment A costs 300 Euros a month while Apartment B costs 250. Let us suppose both are in the same neighborhood and offer the same amenities. Apartment A’s price already includes Warmmiete and Betriebskosten.

Apartment B’s price, on the other hand, is Kaltmiete. Without knowing what the three words mean, you would logically choose Apartment B. However, with knowledge of the three words, you would know that because you have to pay for Warrmiete and Betriebskosten, Apartment B will actually cost you between 325 and 350 Euros. Clearly, Apartment A is the better choice.

There are many other subtleties to finding the perfect holiday flat in Berlin. A lot of sites online, such as, provide tips as well as other useful information, such as pricing, location, and photographic evidence. To help ensure your vacation goes without a glitch, plan your trip and your accommodations months ahead. Even if it’s your first time to visit Berlin, there is no reason for you to arrive disoriented and unprepared.

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